Toddler 2





Our Toddler 2 class encourages the newfound skills of indapendance, growing gross motor and cognitive skills. Structured activities are in place to enhance movement and promote social skills. They are now to enjoyings meals around a table with their friends and experience new milestones! Curriculum and creative activities are incorporated into their daily lessons! Safety is our top priority; all Teachers interacting with Toddler 2’s are trained in CPR, First Aid.

In this program, you can expect:

  • Warm and caring emotional connections between children and teachers that build trust and security.
  • Policies that support children’s health and safety.
  • Educational toys and stimulating activities
  • Relationship-based play and discovery supported curriculum
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Teacher to child ratios 2:12 (2 teachers with a room capacity of 12 children)


The child is an active participant in learning.

As children express interests, teachers adapt learning experiences to embrace and further these interests.
Mother Goose Time activities and projects provoke creative thinking and are simply a starting point for a child’s imagination.

There are 100 languages of children.

Loris Malaguzzi wrote, “The child has a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking.”
Mother Goose Time is inclusive of all learners and invites children to express their ideas through art, music, dramatic play, and storytelling.

The child has a right to give and receive respect, compassion and empathy.

Every child has value and deserves respect, compassion and empathy. Children need a safe place to learn who they are within a community.
As children become more socially aware, Mother Goose Time offers routines and experiential community building opportunities for children to practice and learn how they fit in communities, how to problem-solve social challenges, and how to play kindly and cooperatively in groups.

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