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Beginning Monday (8/10), parents will once again be allowed to enter the building to drop off and pick up children. Please keep the following in mind: *If you are feeling ill, please do not come inside the building to drop off or pick up your child. 

*Upon entering the building, please use the hand sanitizer provided up front. *All parents entering the building will be required to wear a face covering. 

*Please DO NOT USE THE iPAD TO CHECK YOUR CHILD IN/OUT. Teachers will be responsible for checking children in and out. 

*Your child’s teacher will take your child’s temperature. Adults will not be required to get their temperatures taken unless they are staying longer than 5 minutes. 

*Please do not enter the classroom. If there is a gate at your child’s classroom door, please do not go beyond the gate. Otherwise, please stop at the doorway. 

Our goal is to limit heavy traffic within the building, so we appreciate your assistance with making drop-off & pick-up as quick as possible. In addition, we ask that you follow social distancing guidelines while inside the facility. We believe it’s time to resume a more “normal” experience for all of our children and families. We appreciate your patience as we resume this vital part of your child’s daily experience. 

– Jennifer Strickland